Colonial Mortgage and Real Estate has been helping home buyers (and home owners) with home loan financing for decades. We have helped our clients through multiple housing bubbles and downturns, ensuring that they obtain exactly the financing solutions they need to thrive rather than just survive
through inevitable real estate housing cycles.

Due to strict lending practices, shopping for a home loan is not an easy process for those wishing to buy a home or refinance. It saves you time and money to hire a mortgage professional like Colonial. We have the choice of hundreds of approved lenders, and can connect you to a lender who meets your exact needs!


  • Instead of going to one lender for your next mortgage, we will introduce you to many more loan options – specific to your situation and unique needs. As a Mortgage Broker office (Mortgage Loan Originator), you have the benefit of working directly with a loan broker.
  • You could save money with a better interest rate, lower fees, or both. We can often offer low cost or no-cost financing, saving you high out-of-pocket costs.
  • We shop lenders to get you the best pricing. The rate and terms we negotiate with many lenders are often better than what you could get by going directly to that same lender.
  • With first-time home buyers, we can often provide special financing to enable you to buy a home without the normal and excessive down payment requirements (depending on credit).
  • Our commissions are low by standard, and we can normally get you loan terms you would not have found or qualified for without our services – we know our business and process dozens of loans a year!
  • We will definitely save you a lot of time and stress!

Some of our more popular loan financial options this year have been:

  • Fixed rate loans with varying terms
  • 15-year terms (popular for refinancing)
  • 20-year terms
  • 30-year terms (still the top purchasing loan solution)
  • Hybrid ARMS with 5-year fixed terms to start
  • Home equity loans (for financing renovations)

We would love to have the privilege of working with you as your mortgage broker/agent to provide allthe important local information, experience, and advice that will help you finance or refinance your home, for the best possible price! Please call today for a free assessment and consultation!